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Swedish Herbs - Maria Treben

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To prepare Maria Treben`s original Swedish herbal elixir.

10g Aloe
5g Myrrh
0.2g Saffron
10g Senna Leaf
10g Camphor
10g Rhubarb Root
10g Seater Root
10g Manna
5g Zilverdistel Root
10g Venetian Theriak
10g Angelica

Mix the contents with 1.5 liters of grain or fruit gin. Shake well every day several times. 14 days to pull on a not too cold place and then filter through a cloth. Store in a closed bottle.

Shake before use. 2-3 times daily 1 teaspoon occupy in a cup of herbal tea or water

. Swedish herbs is a mixture described in her now famous book by Maria Treben Health's pharmacy of God.

This recipe was after the death of the famous Swedish physician Dr. Samst found in his notes. Dr. Samst, who was a famous medical specialist, died in an accident when riding at the age of 104 years

Swedish Herbal


According to `Old Handschrift` one takes the morning and in the evening becoming a teaspoon of the drops diluted in order against all diseases to be armed. That is to say, one teaspoon of Swedish herbs in a glass of spring water. For indisposition of any kind it may take 3 teaspoons diluted.

Either becoming a tablespoon diluted with 1/8 liter of herbal tea and take half an hour before and half an hour after each meal.

Instead of herbal tea can also take green tea.

Compresses Swedish herbs

Depending on the size of the treatment area, one takes a large or a small piece of cotton wool or cellulose, which makes the drops moist and puts this on the diseased body part that advance with marigold ointment is rubbed. Over there is a piece of plastic, so the garments can not be dirty. Then one adds a cloth or bandage around it.

This cover or compress is allowed to soak for two to four hours (which is dependent on the disease). If the patient can tolerate it, this dressing can also sit all night. If everything is again diminished, the skin should be ingepoederd. In susceptible patients, skin reactions can occur; then compress using shorter or maybe even not for a while. People who are allergic can take the best cloth instead of plastic. Do not forget to grease the skin! If a skin reaction occurs then rub with marigold ointment.

The Book

Maria Treben Old Handwriting

1 Thus one often there to smell or sniff the cervical vertebra it wets or puts a damp cloth on the head, they dispel pain and dizziness, they reinforce the memory and brains.

2 They help against cloudy eyes, red eyes and against all oogpijnen even if the eyes are inflamed or cloudy and watery. They also dispel spots and cataracts if one of the corners there is on time with wet or damp cloth on the closed eyes lays.

3 Smallpox and all kinds of rashes, including crusts in the nose or anywhere on the body, be cured if they are often well moisturizes otherwise.

4 For toothache one does a tablespoon of these drops in water and keep it liquid in the mouth, or they make the aching tooth with a damp rag. The pain disappears and the decay stops.

5. Blisters on the tongue, or other lesions are well moistened with drops, so it follows the cure soon.

6 If the throat is inflamed or sore, so that one may eat or drink nothing, or it can have difficulty swallowing, then one takes `mornings, afternoons and evenings drops slowly let go by the throat, healing will soon follow, and the inflammation disappears.

7 If you have stomach cramps, then you take one tablespoon full during `s attack.

8. colic one should take three tablespoons, led slowly swallows and they will bring you healing.

9 They will be the winds in the bowels divide and cool the liver, stomach and expel all of the intestines and also help with constipation.

10 They also help the stomach excellent, if digest it and the food can not be retained.

11 Also they help in difficulties bile. Daily in the morning and in the evening a full tablespoon and during the night compresses with those drops, all pains vanish. So

12. dropsy (edema water, fat feet, etc.) one needs six weeks, in the morning and in the evening take a heaping tablespoon of white wine.

13. earaches and tinnitus, one does a swab it with drops in the ear. It helps very good and even brings back lost hearing.

14 Does a woman pain during pregnancy, she should be 3 days `morning one heaping tablespoon red wine along with taking, after half an hour they should take a walk, then eat breakfast but use no milk. If she drinks milk, she should not take the drops.

15 The last 14 days of pregnancy, the morning and in the evening take a tablespoon, thereby giving birth easier. To avoid problems with the placenta takes the new mother every two hours a teaspoon full, until the afterbirth without pain is lost.

16 If after the birth at the onset of breast inflammation of the breasts occur, which disappear soon after wet cloths on his laid.

17 In children, they let the chicken pox disappear. One needs children, depending on their age, droplets are diluted to give with water. If smallpox begin to dry up often with a damp cloth bet, so there will be no scars.

18 They help children and adults against worms and even tapeworm them, help only one has children who drops all give according to age. In addition, a damp cloth with drops on the navel and keep them always moist.

19. jaundice will soon disappear all the suffering, if one tid one tablespoon of these drops takes and puts on swollen liver compresses.

20 They do hemorrhoids open, heal the kidneys perform the hypochondriac fought without more from the body, taking away melancholy and depression and arouse appetite and digestion.

21. It also opens the internal hemorrhoids, if they are often moistens in the beginning and treats them out by internal use of the drops on the inside, in particular, before bedtime. From outside we can lay cotton wool on which the drops are made ​​moist. This causes excess blood drain well and thereby helps against the burning sensation.

22 If someone has fainted, one opens his mouth and let him take one tablespoon of the drops, he will recover so soon again.

23. Pain that is caused by the seizures will also disappear with time, due to the use of these drops.

24. lung diseases, daily on an empty stomach for six weeks occupied these drops.

25 Thus, when a woman's menstrual period is not provided or too strong, she must take the drops for three days and repeat that 20 times. What is too much to disappear, what she has too little will be fine.

26 If someone dies from epilepsy, one must give that person immediately and only those drops, because it is not only good for the faint-hearted but for the whole body, it helps in all diseases.

27 This drug also helps against the so-called white flood.

28. The drops help to paralysis, to dizziness and nausea.

29 Also with chicken pox and shingles them to help.

30 If someone has a fever, hot or cold, and is completely weakened, he should get one tablespoon of the drops and the disease will, if he does not take other medicines, are soon recovered, though the fever was so high .

31 The drops also help in cancer, old smallpox and warts and burst open hands. If a wound is old and purulent or if wild meat has grown, then all is well with white wine wash and a poultice on it explaining that the drops is wets. Thus also disappear growths and pain and wild meat, the wound will begin to heal.

32 All wounds, whether by stabbing or blows have occurred will safely heal as they are often the drops are sprinkled. One can also take a cloth, soak in the drops and places it on the wounds. After a short time the pain will disappear and will heal the inflammation heal also old gunshot wounds. If there is still a gap can be seen, then drops as the run, in the wound does not have to be clean by the frequent use of the wound dressings will recover soon.

33 All too old scars disappear, even the traces of wounds or stabbing when they need 40 times moisten with the drops. Wounds treated with these drops will be no scarring.

34. fistulas they heal thoroughly, how incurably they may seem.

35 All burns, fire, hot water or hot fat disappear when the wound is kept. Moist Blisters will not occur, the heat disappears, even though purulent blisters, will completely heal.

36 They also work with bumps or bruises that have arisen. By a stroke or a punch

37 If someone has a lack of appetite, make the drops the lost appetite back.

38 Even in strong anemia they bring back a healthy color back if drops are taken over time. `Morning They cleanse the blood, forming new blood and promote blood circulation.

39 Pain that rheumatic arose in the limbs disappears if one drops in the morning and the evening takes and also submit with the drops soaked compresses on those limbs.

40 They help well with frozen hands and feet, even if they are already open. As often as you can - especially at night - compresses, which the drops are sprinkled on it lay.

41. corns one does a wad of moist cotton wool and take care of it, that it remains moist. After three days they will disappear, or one can take them away painlessly.

42 Bites from animals or angry dogs are treated with it. Drops for internal use take, so the poison is destroyed. A damp cloth on the wounds lay.

43. plague and other infectious diseases, it is wise to take in the droplets. Several times during the day Even that plague bubonic plague and sores that are already disappearing into the throat.

44 If one during the night can not sleep properly, should be at bedtime to take it. Drops in For insomnia caused by nervousness, we need a cloth with diluted drops is sprinkled, lay on the heart.

45 Someone who is drunk, is immediately sober as he takes two tablespoons.

46 Anyone who drops it in the morning and the evening takes, needs no other medications because the drops strengthen the body, good for the nerves and the blood, they take the trembling of the hands and feet. In short, they actually take away all illnesses. The body remains strong and face youthful and beautiful

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